500 Gram - 3"

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Battle Cry

9 shot shell burst silver glitter waterfall
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This 3 inch cake is always a crowd favorite that has entertained people from coast to coast. Performance consists of 9 shots of brocade crowns that finish with various colored tips, including; green, yellow, red, and blue.
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Packing Heat

The first effect is a huge red peony that quickly becomes a white wave break. The second is a green peony to white wave. The last is a purple peony to white wave. This is a pretty neat effect!
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This 3" 9 shot rack leaves you screaming for more, slam packed with big hard hitting breaks that are sure to impress. An excellent finale or show piece with alternating shots of green brocade's with glitter and crackle. 6 shots sequential with a slamming 3 shot finale
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Size Matters

When performance counts, you've gotta roll out the Magnum effects of these massive 3" shells! Heat things up with 9 huge breaks of color that will blow their minds every time! When you want to rock the night sky, Size really Matters.
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Taking Care of Bsiness

The galaxy's most amazing finale cake selection!
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