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It will feel like Armageddon in your neighborhood when you shoot all the great cakes and artillery in this large fireworks assortment. 4 large 200 gram cake and best of all? It’s the number one selling artillery shell in the country, Excalibur!
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Big Hombre

The Big Hombre is a great fireworks assortment that is all aerial effects. It includes a large Saturn Missile Battery, 11 200 gram cakes and three different types of artillery shells.
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Four To Go

Four To Go is a great assortment that has a little of everything! From novelty items like snaps and sparklers to firecrackers, roman candles and Saturn missile batteries, it will be sure to delight everyone at your party. It even includes some smaller aerial effect for a nice little finale.
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Great Night Extravaganza

Your fireworks celebration will really be a great night when you have the Great Night Extravaganza assortment. This large assortment includes everything you will need for a good time.
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Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty is really a sight to admire as this assortment has a plethora of sound and vision over an outstanding duration.
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Hometown Hero

Welcome our heroes home with gold chrysanthemums, red and green stars, white chrysanthemums and more.
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Laying Down The Law

Laying Down the Law, has everything you need for your next celebration. This assortment features World Class & Megabanger products and includes: 25 multi-shot repeaters, 12 reloadable shells, and 5 saturn missile batteries! There are no small novelty items at all in this assortment.
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One For The Money

One For The Money is a great little assortment for the family! With a great variety of small ground effect items, it is safe enough for everyone yet offers a lot of excitement.
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Pyro Playhouse

Premium quality, high performance fireworks that are a tons of pieces to light. A family favorite and perfect for those wanting to impress!
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Real America

Maximize your fun with American the power! Real America carefully matches colors and effects providing the perfect design!
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Stars & Stripes

Stars and Stripes should be a part of every fireworks celebration. This great little assortment includes everything you need for a great show. Fountains, small cakes and even some artillery will be sure to give everyone something they enjoy.
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The King

You found it! The King is the assortment everyone is looking for. It gives you everything from sparklers for the kids to artillery shells for the big boom everyone loves.
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