500 Gram - 2"

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A Taste of Heat

Screams and greens tails which turn into gold willow with silver flash; silver strobing willow with red;brocade with green glittes green strobing willow with purple by turn.
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America's Celebration

2 Inch Red, white and blue peony
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This inexpensive cake will be sure to leave your wallet full and your senses heightened with copious amounts of color.
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Asian Sensation

Red palm to silver glitter pistil with crackle tail, silver palm and green pistl.
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Chicken on a Chain

A 12 shot 500 gm cake. This cake features huge chrysanthemum single color breaks in distinct colors- Red, Yellow, Green and Silver. A great label and catchy name make this one of our more popular 500 gm cakes.
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For motorcycle enthusiasts and those alike, this 500 gram cake has 12 huge shots. The vivid and vibrant reds, greens, and yellow chrysanthemums as well as the silver peony finale is sure to rattle some windows.
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Crazy Exciting on Steroids

A sixteen shot 500 gm cake which has performance from the ground up to 200 feet. Red, white, green, white crackling mines emit showering sparks ascending up into red, green, silver waves with a quickened finale of 4 shots of huge crackle bursts.
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Extreme Machine

An"extreme" 36 shot 500 gram cake that has 6 alternating shots that feature whistling tails and crackling flowers. This monster truck madness is sure to double the amount of stars in the sky!
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Eye In The Sky

Red green dahlia with golden glitter, blue with silver fish, crackling willow, red white glitter with blue.
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Fight Fire With Fire

This 8 shot 500 gram cake is sure to leave you"on fire". The multi-colored effects are firefighter approved and the low price is a crowd pleaser. Good to accompany any backyard blast.
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Fighting Rooster

If a fight is what you're looking for you'll get lots of it with this cake, it comes ready and loaded for bear. A nice 30 shot packed 4/1 that is one the best performing cakes of our 2010 line-up.
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This 14 shot 500 gram cake is sure to light your fuse. This cake starts with a gold palm tree tail and leads to blue and green star and glitter breaks. You will be singing to a different tune after you shoot this one off!
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