500 Gram - 2"

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A)White Glitter Sparkler, Red Sparkler. B)White Glitter Sparkler, Blue Sparkler.
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Silver crown, dark red sparkler; green crownr; yellow crown, green crown; white glitter sparkler; purplish red sparkler, green glitter sparkler, sky blue sparkler; brocade crownr.
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Loud & Legal

Red green blue with white glitter.
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Loud & Proud

This cake features huge color breaks in distinct colors- Red, Blue and Silver. A great label and catchy name make this one of our more popular 500 gm cakes.
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Louisiana Yard Dog

This 16 shot 500 gram cake is tested and approved by the Cajuns of Louisiana. These red and green color tips with the crackling wave effects will surprise even the faint of heart. "Leave this dog on a leash when you shoot it".
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Loyal To None

Another top selling 500 gm cake from World Class. Loyal To None contains the top 5 effects in fireworks. Thirty-Three shots traveling approximately 150-200 feet.
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Make It Rain - RWB Mine Cake

This superb fan-shape cake bursts into volley of breath-taking silver palm trees. Then changes to a ravishing red. You will be blue with Envy when you see the mines and stars in the sky! A truly patriotic cake!
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Money Box

Orange, skyblue dahlia and silver giltter/ sky blue, lemon dahlia and silver glitter/ dark red, skyblue dahlia and silver glitter.
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Another new 2" 9 shot that was added to the line-up in 2010 that is top-notch. If you're looking for a palm tree effect cake you've found it. 7 shots of red and yellow, yellow and green, purple and green, red and blue, red and green and ending with a finale of 2 shots of color palm with crackle. Lots of shelf appeal.
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No Mercy

Don't let this 8 shot 500 cake fool you. After seeing the red, green, and blue tails to palm trees, you will be begging for mercy. This inexpensive 500 gram cake will give you shock and awe!
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One Bad Mother

Huge sixteen shot gold willow multi-blooming crackling flowers with a quickened huge 3 shot finale make this America's number one selling 500 gm cake. Each shot goes up approximately 150-200 feet and breaks 100-150 feet wide.
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One Bad Mother In-Law

She's a mean one! This in law you will actually want to invite back time and again. This 16 shot 500 gram cake shoots over 32 different colors into the sky in a huge display of colored willows and hair curling crackles.
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